Verify and validate customers globally using their phone number.


Discover the network provider for every mobile number globally.


Protect customers, accounts, and transactions within your app.


Discover if a mobile number is assigned to a subscriber.


A real time phone number credibility score.


Identify if a number has the propensity to be used for fraud.

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Viteza – Our Online Customer Service

Our Live, Velocity & TeleShield Routing service can be used not only through standard API integration, but through our online customer portal as a pay-as-you-go service called Viteza. Our Viteza portal enables you to sign-up to begin querying numbers in a matter of minutes

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What is Live?

Live enables you to instantly check the status of a mobile number and eliminate the financial impact to your company of attempting to route voice or SMS messages to ‘not assigned’ or inactive numbers

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What is Velocity?

Velocity is the most advanced number portability routing service available. Velocity is a truly global lookup service which can identify the current network provider for any number anywhere in the world

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What is TeleShield™?

TeleShield offers actionable intelligence to combat telephony fraud, a global problem costing billions annually. Our TeleShield service provides three query types: Routing, Fraud, and Enhanced Fraud. Viteza pay-as-you-go access provides access to routing queries to confirm number validity, service type (e.g., mobile/fixed), and up to 30 additional service clarifications

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Why use Viteza?

Our pay-as-you-go service offers simplicity, scalability, and security, with quick setup and cost control. It streamlines payment processing and maintenance tasks, providing peace of mind and dedicated support. It’s the efficient choice for businesses seeking hassle-free, flexible payment solutions


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Get 500 free queries

Our Viteza service not only provides instant access to our Live, Velocity & TeleShield Routing services, but comes with 500 free queries to get you started

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Case study

Viteza Case Study

Providing a real-time customer liveness check that allows you to check which mobile numbers are no longer active

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Viteza FAQ

Within your account, you get access to three different services:

  • Live – Our Real-time Lookup service
  • Velocity – Our superfast Number Portability Lookup service which tells you the current network to which a number is connected
  • TeleShield – Our Teleshield routing queries to confirm number validity, service type (e.g., mobile/fixed), and up to 30 additional service clarifications

The Viteza User Guide provides information on how to access the coverage and pricing for each service that is available.


There are several use cases for real-time queries. If your business relies upon customer information containing mobile numbers then you’ll know how important it is to be able to contact them. Retail businesses, call centres and sales departments may regularly want or need to contact their customers whether via a mobile telephone call or via SMS (text message). Having accurate and up to date information on whether a number is active makes your efforts more cost-effective but also compliant with GDPR and other regulatory bodies.

SMS Messaging companies sending large volumes of 2FA (Two-factor authentication) messages or OTP (One Time Passcodes) also need to know that a mobile number is active as well as obtaining the correct and least cost routing for the messages they are sending on behalf of banks, e-commerce sites, airlines and ride-sharing companies around the world.

You can find instructions on use of the service and topping up your balance in the Viteza User Guide.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"BTS (Business Telecommunications Services) is successfully using TMT’s Velocity and Live services to check the status of mobile numbers. This way we make sure we optimize the performance of the service offered to our customers and ensure the quality of terminating traffic to all countries.”

Business Telecommunications Services

"TMT is a valued partner that enables us to manage our routing costs effectively. They proactively and continuously expand their operator and country coverage while delivering exceptional customer service. We can always count on them to achieve high-quality results and look forward to our continued collaboration."

Global Message Service

"TMT provides us with the most comprehensive numbering intelligence data through their fast and reliable Velocity and Live services. TMT is a trusted partner for us, their products ensure that we continue to optimise the best performance and service to our customers."

Global Voice

"TeleShield from TMT gives 42com the power to detect and target telephony fraud scams internationally, thereby protecting our company from the financial and customer experience impacts of telecommunications fraud."

Alberto Grunstein - CEO

"It has been a pleasure to work with the team at TMT. They have become an essential provider of accurate numbering data information and Number Portability services globally."

Luisa Sanchez - VP of SMS and Messaging Solutions, Identidad Technologies

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Our Viteza portal enables you to sign-up to begin querying numbers in a matter of minutes.

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