Verify and validate customers globally using their phone number.


Discover the network provider for every mobile number globally.


Protect customers, accounts, and transactions within your app.


Discover if a mobile number is assigned to a subscriber.


A real time phone number credibility score.


Identify if a number has the propensity to be used for fraud.

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Mobile Number Verification
for eCommerce & Social

Mobile Intelligence and Trusted Data to Identify and Reduce Risk Associated with Mobile Customers Globally

Mobile is now the leading way to shop and share online. Using real time mobile network intelligence and trusted authoritative data TMT authenticates device and user identity, whilst delivering a low friction and highly reliable customer process

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Fast and Accurate Customer Verification for Onboarding

Onboard new customers with low friction and high assurance levels using our mobile number verification data. TMT Verify can tell you if your new customer’s number:

  • is real
  • is active
  • matches the personal information they have provided, including name, address and age.

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Customer Device Authentication – Protects Customers, Accounts, and Transactions

Authenticate accelerates log in times. It uses a live mobile operator check to confirm that the device used by a customer is the same one that you expect it to be, providing a user experience that is far more secure and offers far less friction than an SMS One Time Password

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Key features

Authenticate and Verify customers using their mobile number

Low friction KYC check including name and age match

Our API’s can warn of a possible SIM-Swap, Call Divert or Port-Out Fraud

What Our Customers Are Saying

"TeleShield from TMT gives 42com the power to detect and target telephony fraud scams internationally, thereby protecting our company from the financial and customer experience impacts of telecommunications fraud."

Alberto Grunstein - CEO

"It has been a pleasure to work with the team at TMT. They have become an essential provider of accurate numbering data information and Number Portability services globally."

Luisa Sanchez - VP of SMS and Messaging Solutions, Identidad Technologies

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