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Velocity FAQs

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A2P stands for “Application-to-Person” messaging. It is a type of SMS messaging where an application sends text messages to a person rather than a person sending a text message to another person.

A2P messaging is typically used for sending automated messages such as notifications, alerts, and marketing messages. P2P messaging, on the other hand, is used for person-to-person communication, such as sending text messages to friends and family.

Number portability is a process that allows users to keep their phone number when they switch from one network operator to another. Depending on the country regulations, portability may be supported for mobile or both mobile and fixed networks.

A number portability database is a central database that contains information about which network operator a phone number is associated with. When a call or message is made to a phone number, the number portability database is queried to determine which operator the number is currently serviced by. This allows calls and messages to be correctly routed to the correct network, even if the user has switched to a different operator.

Yes, A2P message routing can improve SMS delivery rates for marketing messages. A2P messaging is designed for sending automated messages at scale, and A2P message routing ensures that messages are delivered reliably and quickly. By using A2P message routing, businesses can ensure that their marketing messages are delivered to their intended recipients, leading to higher engagement rates and a better return on investment.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"BTS (Business Telecommunications Services) is successfully using TMT’s Velocity and Live services to check the status of mobile numbers. This way we make sure we optimize the performance of the service offered to our customers and ensure the quality of terminating traffic to all countries.”

Business Telecommunications Services

"TMT is a valued partner that enables us to manage our routing costs effectively. They proactively and continuously expand their operator and country coverage while delivering exceptional customer service. We can always count on them to achieve high-quality results and look forward to our continued collaboration."

Global Message Service

"TMT provides us with the most comprehensive numbering intelligence data through their fast and reliable Velocity and Live services. TMT is a trusted partner for us, their products ensure that we continue to optimise the best performance and service to our customers."

Global Voice

"TeleShield from TMT gives 42com the power to detect and target telephony fraud scams internationally, thereby protecting our company from the financial and customer experience impacts of telecommunications fraud."

Alberto Grunstein - CEO

"It has been a pleasure to work with the team at TMT. They have become an essential provider of accurate numbering data information and Number Portability services globally."

Luisa Sanchez - VP of SMS and Messaging Solutions, Identidad Technologies

"Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier uses TMT ID as one of their key suppliers for Mobile Number Portability Data services. Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier uses TMT ID’s Velocity MNP solution. This is an ultra-fast query service that optimises the routing of international voice calls and A2P messaging."

Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier

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